EVPB Updates 8/4/2013

Good afternoon EV band and color guard Parents and Students!
The band and color guard did an OUTSTANDING job with their first full week of Summer Camp 2! This is going to be a special year for the band and guard program and we are very excited as a staff to see the show unravel!

It is important that you help us stress to your students the importance of prioritizing the marching show and fundamentals they’ve been hard at learning over these next couple of weeks. Once school starts we want the student’s number one focus and priority to be school. Learning as much as they can and working on developing good habits for band NOW allows them that time when they start school to feel less stressed.

Don’t hear or see your student practicing? Please encourage them to take out the instrument, the flag or rifle, and the drum pads for at least 30 minutes a day, EVERY DAY. We need your help with this!


This email will discuss the following things…
1. GPAA Secretary needed, must be an EV Band parent!
2. This weeks schedule
3. Upcoming summer band schedule
4. Band Photos on 8/14
5. 9th Grade Orientation — 8/15
6. Band Calendar www.evband.org
7. 1st Band Event: Meet the Patriots, Saturday 8/24
8. Money Night 2 — 8/15, 7-8pm
9. 2013 Show Shirt — order yours today!
10. 1st Football Game — Thursday, 8/29


Our GPAA parent rep recently moved from the EVHS zone and Ms. Frost is in need of a parent volunteer to fill the GPAA Secretary position for the school year. The commitment for this position include attending the monthly GPAA meetings (4th Monday of each month, Fine Arts office, 7:00pm), taking minutes, typing them up and sending them to the GPAA executive board.

If you are a parent who is applying for the GPAA Scholarship this is a great opportunity for you to fill the 10 hour volunteer hours that are required of the scholarship. The position needs to be filled before they announce who gets the scholarships.

Please contact Ms. Frost immediately if you are interested in helping!


The winds and percussion will meet 8am-5pm DAILY this week.

Color Guard will meet Monday and Tuesday 8am-5pm, and will have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off from camp (take equipment home and practice, ladies!)

Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory. Should there be conflicts or illness, contact Ms. Frost immediately 512-658-8272.


During the 3rd week of summer band the staff will be required to attend certain teacher in-service sessions. Because of this the band schedule is NOT the same, 8am-5pm daily. You can find the schedule and more details on the band calendar at www.evband.org

Monday 8/12 — 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8/13 — 5-8pm
Wednesday 8/14 — 5-8pm PHOTO NIGHT FOR THE BAND
Thursday 8/15 — 5-8pm
Friday 8/16 — 8am-12pm

Monday 8/19 — 5-8pm
Tuesday 8/20 — 5-8pm
Wednesday 8/21 — 5-8pm – PARENT PREVIEW NIGHT

Thursday — NO BAND
Friday — NO BAND
Saturday — Meet the Patriots (times TBA)


Photographers will be at EVHS to photograph the band on Wednesday 8/14 starting at 5:30pm. Students will be required to arrive at 5pm, dress out, and report to the photo shoot. Once pictures are done, depending on how much time is left in the rehearsal, we will rehearse music outdoors.

Students will be taking home information on how to order photos this Wednesday, 8/7. Band Buttons — the band will receive a portion of the proceeds that go towards purchasing band buttons! Be sure to order one of your student!


I’ve had several parents ask whether or not the freshmen will be excused from band so they can attend the 2013 Freshmen Orientation. The band and color guard will have practice from 5-8pm that evening, so the freshmen are good to go! Be sure to register EARLY for the freshmen event so your student can get a FREE t-shirt and pizza for lunch! You can do this by contacting the Student Council at EVHS (look for their info on the EVHS website,www.georgetownisd.org/EVHS)


Several parents have been emailing asking about upcoming dates/events for the band. I want to let parents know they can access the band calendar at the band website www.evband.org The calendar is updated regularly and all info about the year can be found there. Email Ms. Frost with any questions/concerns. You can also access this information by logging into your students Charms account.


On Saturday, August 24th the EV Football Boosters will be hosting their annual Meet the Patriots event in the EVHS Cafeteria. The band performs at the event every year to show support for the football and cheer programs. This is a mandatory event for all students. If vacation plans have already been made, contact Ms. Frost immediately. Again, this is a mandatory event for all students.

Currently I do not have logistics about the event; once those are made available parents will be notified.

Attire for the event is the 2013 show shirt, khaki shorts (MUST BE KNEE LENGTH FOR THE GIRLS, NO EXCEPTIONS), a belt and sneakers.


8. MONEY NIGHT 8/15, 7-8pm
We will hold our second Money Night on August 15th from 7-8pm. Students are required to have at least one parent or guardian attend the evening; it’s preferred to have both parents if they are available.

Parents will be filling out paperwork for the year, learn more about important information about band for the year, as well as pay the third installment for their band fees.

Please bring a pen, your checkbook, and any questions you may have for the directors. Paperwork will be made available electronically before the event, as well as statements and financial information.

STUDENTS STILL REHEARSE that evening from 5-8pm; students will be dismissed promptly at 8pm.


9. 2013 SHOW SHIRT
Order your 2013 show shirt today! You can find the order form online at the band website, www.evband.org. Payment is required upon pick up. It is our goal to have shirts available for pick up at the second Monday Night on August 15th. If they are not available then, parents will be able to pick them up on our Parent Preview Night on 8/21.

You do not need to order a shirt for your band student. Their 2013 show shirt has already been ordered; the cost is included in their 2013-14 band fees. This announcement is for extra show shirts should parents wish to have one of their own. Get yours today!


I wanted to give parents a heads up that the first football game will be THURSDAY the first week of school, not Friday. The band will rehearse Friday afternoon from 4:15-6:15pm. It will be a mandatory rehearsal for all band and guard students. There is no school on Monday, September 2nd due to Labor Day and the band will need that time to stay caught up with the show. If you are leaving down for Labor Day, please plan to leave after the band practice. We need all students to attend!


Best regards,

Amy Frost
Director of Bands
East View High School
943-5000 x8105