EVPB Program updates

Summer Greetings all East View Band Members and Families,

As summer winds down I hope you are able to find some great ways to relax. Below is some relevant information you will want to take note of for the upcoming month.


Summer Band Calendar Updated

The charms calendar has been updated to reflect all scheduled rehearsal times for July and August. If you are having a difficult time accessing charms attached is a word document with the same information.



Summer Band Meal Schedules

Due to East View’s distance from many residences and eateries, as well as our 60 minute lunch break all EVPB members will be expected to stay on campus for lunch. To help compensate for the long day we will be extending the dinner break so if students/parents will be allowed to leave campus for meal time with family or off campus dining with friends. The campus will remain open so students may opt to stay as well.



Leadership Team and Color Guard Schedule Alterations  

We have made some updates to the color guard and leadership team schedules. The updates are reflected on the attached schedule and Charms Calendar, but will also be sent out to each respective later today.




This year the East View Fine Arts Department is tasked with performing at the district convocation. This is a performance for the entire districts faculty and staff. Members of our Wind ensemble will have 2 Friday rehearsals prior to this event. If you are uncertain whether this pertains to you/your child attached is a Wind Ensemble Roster for your review.



Equipment Truck/Truck Drivers

We are outfitting our tractor trailer for use this year during our football and contest season. Thanks to all the parents involved in the planning and construction work. Once completed we will need some parent volunteers equipped with their CDL to drive the vehicle. If you are licensed (or would be willing to get your cdl with the program helping to offset the cost) please let me know ASAP




The Charms calendar has been updated to reflect our need for volunteers at band and concession events. If you are available please sign up.


7-14 Attachments