Color Guard – Urgent updates

Greeting Colorguard students and guardians,

The colorguard has had a very successful week and day. Since their schedule was predetermined they have now worked longer hours than any other section which is often the case. However, they have exceeded my expectations and therefore deserve some shorter days. I do apologize for these changes as we are all getting used to the new staff and rehearsal schedule.

CHANGE in schedule

12pm- 4 block #1
4-5:30 dinner
5:30-9 block #2

All students that felt they would not have a ride at noon have been designated another guard member to get them to rehearsal. Please ask your student about this to receive the guard members number and feel free to email me or Mr. Daffinee with your concerns. Every student that attended rehearsal today had rides set up for this Wednesday and Thursday. If students were not here today they will be assigned someone if they do not have a ride to rehearsal.

ALSO your student must email me the night before or the morning IF you have an emergency in which your student will NOT be able to attend rehearsal for a serious medical or family situation.

These ladies are well on their way to a fun and very successful season. Keep up the great work!

Angie Haugejorden